Neil Lyons

For Neil, growing up on the East Coast of Canada, the constant influence of music became his foundation at an early age, playing any instrument he could get his hands on and studying music theory. After working at a recording studio in Alberta in the late 90’s/ early 2000’s, writing and recording became his true passion in life. For him, all these years later, writing is still the serene balance in an otherwise chaotic existence.

This unique songwriter bridges roots and rock music in his 2020 EP, “Anything Real”, a record that lands outside of a proper genre, and off-trend of the current soundscape. Some of this music shows up as country lacking a twangy singer, and some of it hints at early 90's alternative rock. The raw impact of the music from that era and the nostalgia of that time is a force he will always be drawn back to.

With the absence of a record label, social media, or tour dates, the hope for this record is that the listening brings some fraction of the joy that there was in the making.